Simple, Resilient, & Powerful
What is J-Suite?
J-Suite is a subscription-based solution [currently free in beta] facilitating the usage, management, and distribution of files stored on Jackal Cloud.

While Jackal Protocol offers a dashboard, it lacks critical features and flexibility which many users seek. J-Suite fills in the gaps, offers a more robust user-friendly interface, and provides luxury features such as auto provider selection and download speed info to ensure the most efficient usage of Jackal Cloud.
Essentials v0.1
Upload, Manage, & Explore your content on Jackal Protocol's decentralized infrastructure!
Mutation v0.2
Make changes to your files and/or folder details and move your files between folders!
En Masse v0.3
Empower your downloads with the ability to download several files or entire folders all at once!
Sharing is Caring v0.4
Making it easy for you to share with others or upload unrestricted public content!
Multiplexer v0.5
Allow editors to modify a shared file's details and contents!
Storage, More Storage! v0.6
Improved Jackal Cloud subscription management!
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